Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photos by Chablis - Springtime

Spring is in the Air (In Kentucky!!!)

One of my favorite things to take pictures of is flowers, and springtime in Kentucky is the perfect opportunity to get some great shots.  Our lilac is blooming and we cut big bunches and bring them into the house.  I love the scent of lilac!

The azalea's are also in bloom....

And don't forget about the tulips....
The yard is getting some springtime visitors...

Some shots from around the lake....

But these were my favorites - I got the chance to get a few pictures of a hummingbird! I have only had the chance to see a hummingbird a few times in my life and have never had the chance to actually get pictures of one. They are SO fast that I only managed to get a few shots but the ones I did manage to get were totally worth it! He (she?) is totally cute.  If you look closely, you'll see him in both photos below....

Thanks for coming by and checking out my pictures!  Chablis


  1. Those are some gorgeous photos Chablis! The flowers are so bright and colourful... definitely springtime! :o)

    I can't pass up a chance to photograph pretty flowers... I went a bit flower crazy on last Sunday's hike, the canyon was covered with lovely little wildflowers... and now I have over 200 photos to deal with! :p

  2. WOW! They are gorgeous!! And the pictures of the hummer are amazing! Just saw one here in VA today, hoping I can catch them on film!! Great Job Chablis!!!

    1. We love to see the hummingbirds and rarely get to. Its such treat when they show up.

  3. I also love to take photos of flowers.
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    1. Thanks Sandy, I had no idea you could do that and its just the fix we need for the lake house kitchen.

  4. I love lilacs! We still have a long wait before mine will be in bloom. Enjoy! :)

    1. Don't they smell great? That speaks spring to me!

  5. Good job Chablis! Her lilac photos are great.

    1. Thanks Linda - she's really working on her technique.

  6. I'm dying for my lilacs. Maybe I'll try to force some branches. Chablis took great photos. J

  7. Perfect! I am so glad spring has come for you guys. I bet you will be all over the place now.

  8. Fantastic photos! Love the little hummers! I could almost smell the lilacs.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Love the humming birds. We have a lot here. One of our museums has a humming bird area you can go to. The buzz around you and are all over! It is so neat..... but i like your redwinged black bird most ;-)


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