Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geocaching and a LEO Encounter

What's a LEO Encounter you may ask?  Well, it stands for Law Enforcement Officer.  And we had one on a geocaching excursion over the weekend.

Labor Day morning we got up bright and early and headed out to grab some geocaches.  Chablis and my parents were with us.  By 7:30 am we were on our 5th geocache and we pulled up in the rear of a mall, where there is a walking path around a pond.  We parked the car, got out and started searching for the cache.  I got really lucky and found it in the second spot I looked.  Honestly, we couldn't have been there for 2 minutes.  We heard a car pull up and Louie whispers "security is here."

I pulled open the cache container and started signing our names.  While the security guard walked down the hill towards us, a regular cop car pulled up and parked behind our car.

The security guard asked us what we are doing since we had been searching near an A/C unit.   Here's me looking like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to say or do....

So Louie says "We're on a CHURCH scavanger hunt."  I tell the security guard to come over and I'll show him the cache so he knows it's not a bomb or something.  Then the woman cop comes down the hill swinging PINK handcuffs and says something like "Who wants to go to jail?"  Here's me running over to show her the cache with visions of her hauling me, my husband, my daughter and my 70 something year old parents off to jail....

They both looked at the cache, we told them other people will be looking for it and to not tell anyone where it's hidden.  They were VERY cool about it, told us to have a good day and they left.  I suspect the woman cop knew about the geocache being there because she was kind of smirking through the whole thing and after all, why would she have pink handcuffs???

Afterwards I asked Louie why he told them we were on a church scavenger hunt and he said when you say "church" it sounds better and it's too involved to explain geocaching.  All I know is this - I am not criminal material.  LOL!


  1. Lol to the "church" thing. And I see the pink handcuffs! Awesome. We've had one Officer check our plates when we were pulled over and out looking (for our first cache) and he said he said that we were fine, but they were required to check all the cars on the side of the road ;-)

  2. A little bit of drama to the geocache adds to the memory...LOL.

  3. Whewww! That was a close one. Glad you didn't go to jail! WOW 5 caches by 7:30am! Cool!

  4. Go Louie! I love a guy who can think fast on his feet.

  5. "By 7:30 am we were on our 5th geocache" YIKES! That is waaay too early for me! :p

    Major laughs at the idea of you guys trying to explain geocaching to the cops so you wouldn't all get hauled off to jail... Church scavenger hunt sounds much simpler indeed! ;o)

  6. You can always call me for bail!!
    xo Cathy

  7. Oh my! I wonder if they will let you blog in jail! heehee! What a funny thing to happen...but it would have made me nervous! I would have felt guilty...of something! lol

  8. Quick thinking on your husband's part to say "church!" :) Makes for a good story doesn't it?

  9. BUSTED! You guys are under arrest for have too much damn fun! I wonder what she does with those pink handcuffs? They certainly aren't police issue. And, who has the nuts to be taking pictures through this whole ordeal? Now that's BADASS!

    1. That would be my mom taking the photos. I'll tell her you said her new nickname should be "Badass Mama!" She'll get a kick out of that.

  10. hahaha - Kim, I don't think anyone could ever think you were a criminal. If it had of been one of myy nephews stopping you, they would have known immediately what you were doing.

    I have a great-nephew that is so into geocaching. It's really funny that he is so little (6 yrs) and developed this interest all on his own. No one else in the family does it. We think he found it on the internet but now his Mom has to take him out all the time. J

    PS I'll get your pkg in the mail today.

  11. glad to hear you didn't end up going to jail! that's a scary thought.. its the what if they don't believe you.. feeling.


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