Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sanibel Island, Day 2

Our second day started early as we were anxious to get out and explore.  But first we had to stop near Baileys store again.  We are geocachers, and if you aren’t familiar with this fun sport, please check it out here:     There’s a cache hidden near the store, we quickly found it and then headed off to Blind Pass. 

We went for a long walk east on the beach, where we checked out lots of shell piles. 

Laurie found a coconut...

 we saw an osprey nest...

and then we stumbled across a nest with eggs on it.  I have since found out that they are most likely plover eggs.  We kept our distance, but took some nice pictures. 

We had the latitude and longitude for a geocache that we wanted to find.  It was located near a swampy area, we found it with no problem, logged our find and then headed back to Blind Pass. 

Along the way I found a perfectly intact, dead, horseshoe crab. 

I scooped it into my hat to take home and almost immediately tripped over this adorable crab.  He sat and posed for a quick picture and then he scurried off into the water. 

Next we saw these White Ibis birds hunting along the shoreline for their lunch. 

But that time it was around 12:30 and we were getting hungry ourselves, so we started back to the condo, but first we stopped along the way at this tower. 

This is one of the reasons I like geocaching so much.  I have been going to Sanibel for years and had no idea this tower was there.  We climbed the tower and enjoyed the view.  Then we searched and found the geocache that was hidden here.    

After a quick lunch at the condo, we relaxed and swam on our beach until dinnertime. 

One of my favorite restaurants on the island is Timbers.  We celebrated with a drink and a nice meal. 

Afterwards we strolled around the grounds of Pointe Santo and took a moment to shoot another phooning picture. 

Since it was still early we headed out to Captiva.  We wandered the beach until sunset, picking up shells and enjoying the pleasant evening. 

The girls were coaxed into posing for some pictures and then stared in awe of another beautiful sunset. 

Needless to say, our second day was packed with fun and interesting things.


  1. Another fun-filled day here in Florida! I love the phooning pics you've been posting and regret that I didn't get to phoon with you. I could have done it on my one good foot had I been able to drive, lol.

    Now, I'm going to need to practice so that next time I can go geocaching with you and not be the rookie in the bunch.


  2. Looks like such a fun time. Wouldn't it be fun to do more often?


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