Friday, March 16, 2012

My Ducks are Back!

Every spring I have a pair of ducks that comes to visit.  They love my swimming pool.  The two of them come and hang out for 2-3 weeks, swimming around like they own the place.  They are so cute.  Then they take off and I won't see them again until the following spring.  Isn't that the funniest thing?  I always look forward to seeing them.....

This afternoon Chablis and I were out on the back deck enjoying the still,unseasonably warm temperatures.  It was in the high 70's today.  Ok, I admit it, we had our bathing suits on again.  I was also sporting my Sanibel Island Shellabration Hat that my friend Traci sent me from the Shell Fair last week and day dreaming about Sanibel.

Spring has really arrived early this year.  My lilac bushes are already beginning to bud....

And my perennials are coming up...

I spent some time raking off flower beds and then headed inside where I spent over 2 hours cleaning my bedroom.  I think I must have sun stroke, because who spends 2 hours cleaning one room?  I washed down and dusted everything.  I mean the good dusting too - the kind where I actually pick stuff up and move it (mother).  Like dust the entire surface of the dresser, dust the item I moved and then put everything back.  My usual dusting method involves a dust rag sprayed with lemon pledge and I sort of flick my rag around everything.  I am a very good surface cleaner.   My mom has been known to, on occasion, write Dust Me across surfaces in my house.  I moved all the cd's and dvd's off the shelves and cleaned the shelves.  I went through all my books.  I unhooked the broken dvd player and hooked up a new one.  I unscrewed the light fixtures and washed them along with all my Precious Moments statues.   I even vacumned the entire room.

When I told my husband I was cleaning our bedroom, I'm sure he was picturing this....

When in reality, I was thinking "I hate this" and I really look like this....

Except that I was still in my bathing suit but I'll spare everyone the image of that!  Believe me, you will thank me!

One thing I did enjoy doing though was setting up the little cascading waterfall my daughter bought me.  I filled it with water, pretty stones and some shells from Sanibel Island.

It sounds really nice and relaxing.  Isn't it cute?  I can't wait to go to bed tonight and listen to it.  Although I'm sure my husband will still be picturing this.....


  1. Glad to see your ducks are back, and that you got your room clean. Now tell my daughter to clean hers. The boys though have been doing a tremendous job cleaning for my wife while I have been laid up. Thanks for making me smile with fun stuff to read.

  2. My freaking ducks never left! My mother in law gave each of the kids two mallard ducks for Easter, THREE YEARS AGO! Little did I know they were domestic and prolific fornicators. Now I have a duck farm:) I love them and they could all leave anytime they want (free range)they fly all over the place but always come back.
    It's like a spa over there! Water cascading over rocks, nice clean bedroom, Lou's going to bust out the massage oil and give you a back rub (wink, wink) Life is good!
    Have fun!

  3. We get ducks every spring in our backyard too. My husband has a koi pond and they love to hang out there. We know spring has arrived when we see those ducks. And they have been here since late Feb.

    1. This seems really early for my ducks too. It's gonna be a long, hot summer I think.

  4. The ducks are awesome!

    Oh, your mom would have a heyday writing in my dust! LOL

    Love your fountain! You will sleep like a baby listening to it :)

  5. I have ducks that visit every year too. Last year it was black-bellied whistler ducks & they had 9 babies. We watched them from egg to learning to fly. Your hat is so cute. Keep on Shellabrating. xo

  6. Wow...the real dusting. I'm impressed. I don't even surface clean! hahaha...which is why I'm giving everything away. If I don't have anything to clean....

    You could have told your husband you were shoveling cow manure and he probably would have pictured you like that! LOL Men!!

    70*, bathing suits and ducks? Ummmm...sounds to me like people should be in the pool!!

    1. Believe me, when my son was a kid, the minute the cover came off the pool, he was in it. I don't care how cold it was, he loved jumping in!

  7. Last Spring I was surprised to see ducks in the pool of my apartment complex too! I think they were taking a vacation from the neighbouring golf course... and kept coming back for the bread the kids would feed them. I wonder if they'll be back this year? They used to drive the gardener nuts! :p

    The idea of that little fountain sounds sooooo relaxing! :o)

    1. It is relaxing. I really like just looking at it tho.

  8. How cute you look in your new cap! I love wearing a cap so great in the bright sun. And your little waterfall is perfect with the stones and shells. I had one like that one time but I didn't bring it when I moved. I'll have to be on the lookout for another one. It's especially pretty with the shells! ♥♥♥


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