Thursday, August 12, 2021

Geocaching in Chicago

I just got back from a quick trip to Chicago to visit family.   While I was there we took the opportunity to grab some geocaches.   This find was number 3900 for me!

How cute is this little frog geocache container?  He was sitting under a tree at a library...

3 generations caching together.  That's one of the things I love about geocaching.  The wide variety of caches, terrains and levels of difficulty make it a game that all ages can enjoy.

Please excuse my butt....  

My daughter finally made the find on this cache....

This is the top of the cache container which was well hidden in a pine tree at a park.  I already unscrewed the bottom of it so I could sign the log sheet....

I love the mini libraries that are springing up all over the country.  Do you have any in your neighborhood?

Many of them have dual purposes - not only do they hold books for people to exchange, but they also double as geocache hides...

Each mini library is different and unique.  I have a strong feeling that a mini library/geocache may be in my future.   I'm going to see if I can mange to build one myself.

Check out geocaching if you have the time.  It's a fun game and it's a great way to get outside.  Here's a link to my blog page explaining more about it.

Geocaching Handbook:  Click here to check it out.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching:  Click here to look at this one.
Looking for a handheld GPS Unit for geocaching?    I have the Oregon 450 which I don't believe is available any longer.  Garmin has an updated version.  I haven't personally used one yet, but many people love this one.   It's the Oregon 700


  1. It is so good to see you back! You have always made geocaching look like so much fun, and I tried it once or twice on my own but doing it alone wasn't enough fun to keep me with it. I had too much solitary time back then already, I think. I wish that I'd had the time and oomph to get into it when my grands were young enough to convince to go with me -- or that you lived closer so you could have shown me the ropes! :)

  2. I agree - I would have loved to take you.


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