Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Key West - Day 3 Afternoon

If you missed yesterday's post on the morning of Day 3, go back here and catch up.  We left off finishing up the City View Trolley Tour of the city and decided it was time for lunch.   We had spotted the Conch Shack the day before and all I could think about was their Lobster Roll, so we headed over there..

We sat outside at the window and had a truly delicious lobster roll!

Afterwards we headed over to the Mel Fisher Museum.

If you aren't familiar with the story of Mel Fisher, it is fascinating - he's the treasure hunter who found the shipwreck The Atocha and to date has recovered approximately $ 450 Million dollars worth of treasure off the coast of Florida.  The excavation is still on going, with almost that much in treasure still to be found.

I remember seeing a documentary about The Atocha and always wanting to see the museum for myself, so I was thrilled to finally get there.

It was even better than I imagined...

This was my favorite piece.....

By the time we were finished at the museum we needed a little sweet, so we walked over to Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe for a chocolate dipped slice of key lime pie - OMG - it was so delicious.   We ended up going there twice on our trip because these are just that good!  Take my word for it and if you ever get to Key West - go get one, or two, or a dozen....

We headed back to our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and relaxing before heading out to the Two Friends Patio for dinner.

Chablis had a seafood pasta.....

And I had 2 crab cakes with rice.   Both meals were delicious.  For dessert we each had a piece of Key Lime Pie which we got for free because they gave us coupons when we got off the City View Trolley Tour.  Score!

Afterwards we walked down to Mallory Square, hoping to catch a sunset.

But while we were waiting we sat and watch a street performer named Reid, do some amazing tricks.  First he took a tennis racket, slid it over his head and worked it down his body until he could step out of it - crazy right?  I wonder how drunk he was the first time he thought of trying that??

He did some balancing tricks...

Juggled with fire....

Stood on a roller and board...

Did some tricks on a roller and board...

Then he stood on 3 levels of boards and juggled with an ax, a dagger and something else.   He put on a really good show!

Unfortunately it was rather cloudy so we didn't get a very spectacular sunset.

We got ready to walk back to our hotel and stopped to check out a section of statues.  One of the statues is also the site of a geocache - A Great Mom - so we grabbed that right away too.

The whole Mallory Square area has lots of interesting things to see...

Plus colorful shops and carts....

Next up will be our day at The Dry Tortugas and our tour of Fort Jefferson plus more snorkeling!
Link to day 4 here.


  1. The fun continues - have you seen Jimmy?

  2. What an interesting museum! Something I'd visit for sure. And your description of the chocolate-covered key lime pie made my mouth water!

  3. Looks like an awesome trip! You'll be so glad that you're documenting it:)

    1. I am. This blog is a great way to keep my memories for my kids.

  4. That museum is fascinating! The street performer looked very fun. And chocolate dipped key lime pie?! I'll take some of that! :)


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