Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Geocaching in Wisconsin Sept. 2015

Last weekend we took my parents with us and did a roadtrip up past Milwaukee, Wisconsin to do a little geocaching.  We were loaded with a list of 20 caches and lots of them had Favorite points, so we were excited.  Caches that have favorite points are usually better than the norm and we were not disappointed.

The first cache wan't one of the better ones, but it was down a nice path near the water of Lake Michigan....

The next cache was called The Witches House.  It was originally owned by a female artist who made all these amazing sculptures on her property....

It's now on the National Register of Historic Places.  I wonder if they will ever open the gates to let people wander around the property?

The house is right on the lake front with a gorgeous view.  There's a no parking sign there, so of course, that's exactly where we parked.  LOL.  I'm a rebel like that.

Alfie's Dog House  was in the cache owners front yard....

We did a couple of caches in Virmond Park - what a fantastic place this was!  I loved the paths with little turnoffs that had park benches, or picnic tables, and a place to grill.  Everything overlooked Lake Michigan and it was a lovely place to walk.  One of the caches, 'Ol Well was at the far end of a wooded path.

Dad and I enjoying the view...

The next cache was The Turning Cache and this one deserved its favorite points.  I can show you the cache container and tell you that it has 2 locks on it.  Both must be opened and accessed in order to get the logbook.  But I cannot show you how we did it.  I just can't give away the surprise....

One of my favorite caches of the day was Take a Deep Breath.   We had actually planned our whole day around this particular cache.  My geocaching friends Dina and Bret were up here a couple weeks ago and did this cache.  They sent me a picture of the cache while they were there because they know I'm a huge Snoopy fan, and told me I have got to get up there and do this cache.  Aren't caching friends the best??

This wasn't an easy cache to figure out.  You have to take something (which I can't show you) and do something with it (which I also can't show you) in order to open the panel door....

Good thing my dad was with us, because he figured it out pretty quickly.  I really doubt I would have cracked this one.  Cute log book too....

My traveling Snoopy had to get in on the photo fun!

 We had to drive down this tiny path to get to the old Settlers Rest for this cache....

And we stayed away from the water here -

But we did find the cache....

Here's another great geocache - Risen King.   This cache was hidden in plain sight, in a church parking lot.  When we pulled in, they were having an outside church service and a bar-b-que.  Our hearts sank because we thought for sure our chances at getting this cache were dashed,  We pulled around to the side lot and could not believe our luck - the parking space where the cache was located was empty!   This cache was really good but I don't want to ruin it by showing you what my dad was doing.  Be sure to go read the cache page and see if you can figure out what type of special equipment we needed to access the cache.  My mom correctly guessed before we left, so we had it with us.

The last cache of the day was a nice one too - Puzzled in Cedarburg.  For this cache was had to go inside a coffee shop In Cederburg, Wisconsin....

..... and ask the cashier for the geocaching box.  We got lucky and found an empty table.

Once we opened the box we found a puzzle inside that had to be put together....

Fortunately, my parents are puzzle masters and made quick work of this bad boy....

Louie and I pretty much sucked on smoothies and placed a piece here and there.  We weren't much help...

Once the puzzle was put together we had to do something with the numbers.  Of course, I can't tell you that either.  LOL.

We ended up getting 16 caches for the day and had a fantastic time.  The whole area up there is just beautiful and it's loaded with great caches.  I also think  my parents totally carried us that day.  I know we'll be headed back up there again soon to grab some more geocaches.


  1. Hi Kim! :)
    I love going on these little trips vicariously through your post! :)
    Loved the Snoopy one!
    Some of those are so darn creative! The puzzle! ;)
    Looks like it was an amazing day!

    1. The Snoopy one was my favorite too. It was such a fun day and that's why I love geocaching so much - it takes us to places we'd never have gone to otherwise. Cedarburg has some great little shops - plus 2 chocolate shops, that I want to go back and visit.

  2. This sound's like absolute fun Kim. I had never heard of geocaching until your blog !! How great that you can spend the time with your parent's. My mom is 83 and my dad passed 6 year's ago.Plenty of happy memories though and my mom is quick as a whip !! Thank you for taking us on your fun adventurous journey:-) Hug's TT

    1. Hi Tammy - so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. I'm sure you hold him dear in your heart.

      Geocaching has taken us to so many cool places and we've done so many neat things. It a great hobby. :-)

  3. It looks like such fun and great weather to get out! One of these days.....heehee! Hugs

    1. The weather has been beautiful for caching. Hope you're enjoying your days in the mountains. I bet it's starting to get really pretty there. xo

  4. Love that Snoopy cache! I'm sure you did too! Looks like you had a very successful day and saw lots of pretty places.

    1. Very pretty - the leaves are just starting to change here - How about by you?

  5. It's nice that you do that with your parents

  6. Not sure exactly what geocaching is but it looks like a blast! I think my husband, son and I would love it!!

    1. AnnMarie - it is so much fun and really easy to do. Check out the GEOCACHING TAB at the top of my page for more information. Feel free to contact me direct if you'd like some help getting started. I highly recommend it.

  7. What a fun way to spend a day....especially with loved ones.
    I would probably get lost, AND poison ivy!!
    Enjoy your weekend, sweetpea.
    Love ya.

  8. Hi Kim! Looks like you're having another great time. You're making such sweet memories with your parents. I'll bet they love this time with you! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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