Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book Review - BeachHunter's Florida Gulf Beaches Access Guide

BeachHunter's Florida Gulf Beaches Access Guide

The Florida Gulf Beaches Guide is filled with 286 pages of beach goodness.  It covers 120 beaches on the Gulf coast from Tarpon Springs to Marco Island and includes 21 maps as well as 120 black and white photos.  It's based on author David McRee's personal experiences and since he was born in Florida, has lived there his whole life and has personally visited each and every one of these beaches, well, he knows what he's talking about!

Everything inside the book is well documented and organized with great attention to detail.  All the beaches are numbered so they correspond to one of the maps.  One of my favorite features of the book is that David included the GPS co-ordinates and directions to each beach.  As an out-of-towner this feature is a huge plus for me and makes navigation a breeze.  Every beach has oodles of information such as....
  • Pets
  • Disabled access
  • Restrooms
  • Food and drink
  • Alcohol
  • Shelling
  • Lifeguards
  • Camping
My location of choice has always been Sanibel Island and I usually don't venture off the island when I'm there.  Florida's Gulf Coast has so many beaches to choose from and frankly it was overwhelming trying to decide where to go, much less figuring out how to get there.  But after reading this book, I've already got a list going of new beaches I want to try.  David has literally taken the guesswork out of trying to decide which beaches may offer the features I'm looking for.  This is essential when you've only got a few days of vacation and want to maximize your beach experience.

Another thing I really liked about BeachHunter's Florida Gulf Beaches Access Guide is the treasure trove of different activities that David suggests.  For example....
  • Kayaking to the Barrier Islands such as Anclote Key
  • Learning the history of Caladesi Island
  • Enjoying the sunsets at Pier 60 along with artists, crafts people, musicians and street performers
  • Visiting the Clearwater Aquarium
  • Check out the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
  • Stroll along Long Pier
  • Visit Fort Desoto for the drum roll
  • How to reach and explore Cayo Costa Island
David also steers his readers in the direction of beaches where they may have a good chance of finding some nice shells, hunting for sharks teeth, where to snorkel in clear water and where to mosey along a boardwalk.  Get the book and you'll find out too!

In fact - check out this video and David will tell you exactly what you will get in his book.  If you're a fan of Florida beaches then this book is for you.  Now is the perfect time to order it as a gift for someone special.

It's available on his website,  his blog, and also at Amazon.  Right now David is offering a free copy of his Beach Survival Guide e-book.  Go ahead and download it here.

Visit his FB page here.

Be sure to come back on Thursday when David stops by to do an author interview.

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  1. I got my copy already!! Love this book and look forward to checking out all these beaches one day soon!! Thanks for the review Kim!

    1. Cheri - I hope you do visit some of the beaches and I look forward to some blog posts on them.

  2. I also ordered this book and read it right away, cover to cover. Kim, you sum up the book very well. There is a huge amount of information, and it is presented very well; detailed so you know what to expect at each beach. It is definitely one of my favorite books!

    1. I'm looking forward to my next trip and checking out a few myself. Definitely a great book to keep in my collection.

  3. I know I would love it too. I'll go check it out! Take care of yourself my friend! Read more books...heehee! Hugs, Diane


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