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Product Review - Covert Cameras

We recently had the opportunity to field test Covert Scouting Camera's while we were deer and turkey hunting.  We were already familiar with field cameras in general, but the really cool thing about the Covert Code Black camera is that it instantly sends the photo's or video's it takes directly to your email.  How cool is that?

We pre-programmed the cameras to send the photos directly to Lou's email.  Each camera was coded with a different number so we could easily tell which camera we were getting photo's from as the emails came in.  The emails usually came through to us within a minute of the photo being taken.

The camera's are super easy to set up.  We took them out to our deer property and set up 2 of them in different locations.  We set up one camera with 10 batteries and one with 4 batteries.  They worked equally as well, but the one with 10 batteries lasted longer before the batteries had to be replaced.  This is what the inside of the camera looked like as we were setting it up to grab the satellite signal...

Our deer property is in a very remote area where we don't always get good cell phone reception, so we decided to use the Code Black Booster Antenna. 

The New and much improved signal boosting antenna helps your  CODE BLACK get more consistent signal in traditionally low signal areas. Comes with an L bracket and 10ft cable so you can elevate the antenna to add even more signal!
 Frequency Range:
 860-960 MHz
 1710-1880 MHz
 Gain 7-10 dBi

The booster antenna is an extra accessory and we needed it at the deer property.  We initially tried one camera with the antenna and one without.  The camera without the antenna kept losing the signal, but once we attached the antenna, it worked just fine.  Back at the house, where signal reception is better, we didn't need the antennas at all and the cameras sent photos easily.  So I would say to determine your location and how good your cell phone reception is and then get an antenna if you're in a more remote area.  The antenna is well worth having.

So here's a couple of shots of the cameras set up in the field.  Can you see them?

By now I imagine you'd like to see what kind of photo's we were getting.  Let me tell you, Lou loved getting up in the morning, turning on his laptop and viewing what was going on out in our deer stands each night.  It's really fun to get emails all day long and see what is wandering in and out of camera range.  Kind of makes you wish you were out there instead of sitting at work, doesn't it?   :-) 

If you look at the bottom of the photo you'll see the date and time stamps, moon phase and temperature...

 We were really excited to see these turkeys on more than one occasion.....

The camera sends great pictures no matter what time of the day or night....

We moved the camera's around a few times and were surprised to see how much action was taking place along one of the trails....

Here is the Code Black camera product information direct from the Covert website:
Special Ops Code Black
 Model #2427
The Special Ops "Code Black" Camera will instantly send pictures to your phone or email account. The "CODE BLACK" is perfect for scouting, security, and surveillance of your properties.
NEW for 2013. It will have SMS abilities. Now you can send texts to your Code Black to Add/Delete phone numbers and email addresses. Change picture mode / video mode. aquire a picture, location and turn the MMS feature on and off!
 Technical Specs:
  •12MP Color CMOS = 3-5-8-12 MP photo resolutions
 •1.2 Second Trigger Speed with intervals set from 1sec to 60 min
 •Photo bursts 1-3 images (only sends 1st photo of multiple bursts)
 •Date/Time/Temp and Moon Phase stamp
 •Built in color viewer
 •60+ ft invisible infrared flash range
 •Takes either pictures or video
 •Adjustable video resolutions HI 640x480  LO 320X240
 •Password protection
•63ft Flash Range
 •Overwrite Selection ( if selected will overwrite oldest photo on SD card with newest photo after card is filled to capacity)
 •Operates on 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries.
 •Rated for up to a 32GB SD card.
 •MMS feature operates on GSM Network and requires an activated SIM card and text plan through a GSM Network provider. ( AT&T, Rogers (CA)
 •1 Year Warranty
Retails for $ 354.99
How about a few more pictures?

The Covert site is nicely set up with video's to show you exactly how to set up their cameras for use.  You can purchase all camera's and accessories directly from Covert.  With Christmas right around the corner, Covert cameras will make an excellent gift for the hunter in your life.   Imagine how great it will be to view your stands from the comfort of your own chair instead of running out to your property to grab the SD card and bring it home?  Another plus is that you won't constantly be trampling through your deer stands to get to your camera's anymore.
One more thing.  Covert camera's aren't strictly for hunting either.  They are excellent for surveillance around the home.  Imagine the peace of mind to have one set up at your home when you're out of town.  You can get pictures sent to your email almost immediately for any activity going on around your house.  I may take my Covert camera's and set them up around the lake house so I can see what is going on there in the summer when we aren't at the lake. 
If you want a basic trail camera, then Covert can supply you with several different varieties, depending on what type of feature you're looking for and what price range you're interested in.  But if you want the thrill of viewing your hunting property on your computer or phone, then the Code Black camera is an excellent choice. 

In order for the cameras to send the email, you do have to purchase a special SIM card and pay for a monthly text plan thru a GSM network.  We used AT&T.  They have several plans available and we picked the unlimited text plan for $ 20.00 per month, which gives us unlimited photos.  The nice thing about it is that you don't need a contract and can purchase it on a monthly basis.  So if you only want the cameras activated for certain months, it's easy to do so.  And even if you don't use the text plan, then the camera can still be set up in the field and take regular pictures on an SD card that you can retrieve and view at your leisure.
Go check out the Covert website and Like their FB page here.
I'd like to thank Covert Camera for giving me this opportunity to review the Code Black camera.  I did not receive payment for this review, nor did I agree to give a positive review. Aside from information supplied from the company website, the opinions are my own.


  1. That looks like so much fun -- I wish I had a piece of property where I could keep track of wildlife sightings! What a cool camera.

    1. It's really interesting to see all the different things that are out there. Much more than I would have thought.

  2. Smile deer! You're on candid camera! :)

  3. Replies
    1. It is amazing, isn't it? Very cool to see whats going on out there.

  4. Hi Kim! Oh, that's so cool. I don't hunt but I could use that! :) Thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Someone sure had their "thinking cap" on, didn't they? This is an amazing idea ... will be sure and share with my colleague!

    1. I think it's a fab idea. Lots of possibilities for use too.

  6. That is so cool Kim. When you first said about the picture near the top "can you see them" I enlarged the photo and was looking for the deer with no luck. Lol. You meant the cameras. I am such a putz.
    We aren't hunters but would love that around the house or maybe at our cabin if it could get a signal. We have no cell service at the cabin but we can get satellite TV so maybe it would work.
    How often did you have to change the batteries?

    1. LOL.. The camera that had the 4 batteries lasted about a month and the one with more batteries is still working after 2 months. And we have received several thousand pictures, so the cameras have gotten a good work out.

  7. You should put a cache out there and catch a cacher on camera!


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