Monday, August 26, 2013

Geocaching in Racine, Wisconsin

We were recently geocaching in Racine, Wisconsin and we happened to stop at one of their welcome centers to find a geocache and use the facilities. It was a beautiful Welcome Center, very clean and well staffed.

Inside they had the nicest Golden Books display.  Do you remember Golden Books from when you were a kid?  I sure do.  They were some of the first books I had and I treasured every one of them.

We also did a bunch of geocaches that day, so let me show you some of the highlights.

This cache was attached to a string and snaked down the hole in this tree....

Can you spot the geocache here??

There is a very nicely hidden geocache here but I can't tell you where it is because I don't want to spoil it.  But trust me, it's a good one!

We really had to root around for the next one, but we did find it....

The next one was hidden in the front yard of a geocachers property.  It's a good thing my dad is tall and we found a poking stick nearby.  It was a really cute container...

Sometimes you have to approach a geocache with great care.  I was really nervous about grabbing this next one.....

Check out the wasp nest within 1 ft. of the cache.  I'm allergic to stings so Louie was screaming at me from across the road to get away from this one!  Sometimes I don't listen very well.

I really like finding unusual cache containers, and this one was certainly different!

Here's mom and dad signing us in on the final cache of the day.  Any day caching is a good day!


  1. That LGB display is fun. They were published in WI, no? Wasp nest? No thanks. Have seen enough of those in my day.

    1. Yes, they were published in Wisconsin. I hate wasps. :-(

  2. I think I would have stayed clear of the wasp nest. Looks like fun, though. xo Laura

    1. Yeah, I'm very leery of them. The last time I got stung my arm swelled up like a football and I had to go to the hospital. Now I carry an epi pen with me.

  3. Looks like a very productive day! Love the unusual cache containers.

  4. Kim, I've SO enjoyed catching up with your adventures ... my bad, for staying away so long! Sounds boring, perhaps, but seeing Wisconsin is definitely on my bucket list.

    Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers ... they mean more than you could ever know!


    1. Hi Myra: It's hard to believe somebody has never been to Wisconsin. :-) There are so many interesting things to see there too.

      Thinking about you! xo

  5. There you go having all of this fun again! Now I'm allergic to bees too and that nest would have scared me to death! You're one brave gal! :) Glad you have so much fun doing this and your parents also. Oh, how I remember Little Golden Books. I still have some of my childrens and they ain't gettin' em! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Looks like fun times! Those are some cool caches! :o)

    I love the idea of one hidden down a hole in a tree and tied by a string... I was just thinking about doing that for my first cache! I found a cool olive tree that would be perfect!!! I just need to check if the container I have would fit in it... :P

    1. I'm excited that you're going to hide your first geocache.


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