Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unusually Warm Temperatures

The temperatures around here have been unusually high for March.  Hello??  Almost 70 degrees?  We decided to take advantage of the warm weather and late afternoon sunlight, and go grab a few caches.  We did 5 of them in about an hour and a half.  Two were in the woods and the rest were in parks.

I really liked the cache container for this one....

All the ice is already gone from the river and the nearby lakes.  Even my pool is completely thawed already.  Here, the water is flowing freely over the dam...

Occasionally we run across survey markers when we're out geocaching.  I know there's a way to log them in, but I can't figure it out.  It's kind of confusing.  But they're still fun to find and I usually take a picture of them...

Tonight the thermometer has dipped back down to 32 degrees.  But for a few days this week we were able to open the windows and air out the house.  How warm did it get by you this week?


  1. The birdcage is a very clever and cool cache container.

    Our temps have been fluctuating between the low 70s to nearly 90. Spring is around the corner, and summer isn't far off.

  2. It's been unseasonably warm here this winter too, particularly the past couple of weeks! It's up to 19ºC today, but I think it went above 20ºC a couple of times last week. That's 5-8º warmer than usual! I've given up on sweater + jacket during the daytime, I'll just wear one of the other. Sunshine warms things up too. Feels a lot cooler in the shade. The Mediterranean is also 2º warmer than last year (14ºC instead of 12ºC). If things keep heating up this way people will be spending Easter weekend at the beach! And I'll start up scuba diving again sooner than I had planned :o)

  3. We are still getting winter here in Oregon (with a big snowstorm forecast tonight in the mountains!) Usually March is our snowiest month - in the Cascades, that is. It's just rain down in the valley. But to answer your question, the ski resorts here operate until late April - early May. Timberline Lodge, high up on Mt. Hood offers skiing almost year-round on the glaciers (the US ski team trains there in the summer). And I'm discovering that spring is the very best time to go backcountry skiing in the Cascades. So no end to the ski season quite yet! (Yahoo!)

  4. I am so glad that you got to take advantage of the weather, it was gorgeous here. It is rainy now but wed is supposed to be 70!! I hope you get to go out again!

  5. I like the goofy bird in the cage. I think we got up to +26* when the snow was coming down, but now we are back to zero during the day and -15 to -20* at night. Our Feb was warmer than normal and now the weatherman says our Mar is going to be colder than normal. I sure hope this all leads to a nice summer. We've had two cold ones in a row.


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