Friday, March 2, 2012

No Spend February - The Results are In!

Some of you may remember that back on January 31st I did a post and imposed a "No Spend February" on myself.  The reason for this was to curb my impulse spending for a month and to see how I did.

My biggest weaknesses are magazines, books and music or apps from I-Tunes.

I kept a running list for the month and this is what I didn't buy that I normally would have bought and not thought twice about it.  I rounded off to the nearest dollar.

18     I Tunes songs      $ 23.00
1 Garrett Popcorn             6.00
6      I Tunes Apps           8.00
2 Magazines                     7.00
2 CD's                           26.00
4 hard cover books        60.00

Total                            $ 130.00

Ok, it wasn't an earth shattering amount of money, but it did teach me an important lesson in self control.  I didn't write down the names of many of the songs I would have purchased on I Tunes, and since I can't now remember what they were, then how badly did I really need them in the first place?

I went to the library and took out all 4 of the books I wanted to buy.  Of the 4, I ended up buying one today for my Kindle and I will most likely buy one of the other ones because it's a crocheting book that I really liked and will use a great deal.  The other ones I was glad I didn't purchase.

The magazines I still haven't read, but I am hoping to get them from the library at some point.  My mom is keeping her eye open for them when she's there as well.

I'l also wait and see if the CD's turn up at the library or a garage sale.

As for the Garrett's popcorn....  Well, that's the one thing I really wish I did splurge on.  I usually buy a bag of that at the Metra Station when I'm in Chicago and that's the only time I ever buy it, so next time I'm in Chicago, I will probably get a bag....  A big bag....  Maybe a tin!   It's really good popcorn!

I think I am going to continue monitoring my spending for March as well.  It wasn't a huge savings, but it does show me that I can cut back a little on the truly unnecessary things.  Well, except for the popcorn.


  1. You should have had the popcorn! Good popcorn is a huge weakness for me. I think you are to be commended for smelling and not buying. Your no spend Feb. was successful. Congrats!

  2. Not a huge savings? Hmmm... Add it up! If you saved $100/month at the end of the year that would make a nice vacation! ;o)

    ANyway, bravo on a job well done!

  3. Gee, save $100 a month and you could go to Florida and go shelling. At this time of year, that sounds wonderful

    1. Yes, I have to agree with you and Cris - a vacation on the beach is better than I tunes!

  4. $130 is a couple days worth of gas for geocaching trips

    Its $1560 a year, which is a small vacation, or a nice GPS upgrade + some fun money.

    actually $130 is about what my wife and I budget for our "fun money" every month, so its a nice chunk of change.

    Good work on this. Financial responsibility is a noble goal, and experiments like this are vital to understand exactly where your pennies end up going. At least now you can make an informed choice of whether or not it is worth it to you to spend or save the money.

    1. You're right - when you add it up for the year, it's a nice chunk of money!

  5. I think it's great to break habits that don't support us... and you can't just measure it by the money saved. Mine is buying ice cream. I spend up to a 100 bucks a month on it. I'm not ready to take it on, ha.

  6. I was going to do this with you, but if it isn't tatooed on my forehead I forget. Ug! I do remember at the beginning of the month saying no to buying more toys when the children pleaded with me. That had to have saved me $50 this month. I also passed on misc. crap at the checkout like chapstick (when we have about 50 tubes around the house) and know, impulse stuff. The big one for us is eating out. I wanted to do a no eat out year, but am failing miserably. I bet we could free up $300-$400 a month by not going to restaurants. I'm tossing a book in my purse and will try to track my spending for March...this was really a great idea and I blew it.

    1. Eating out was a huge expense for us when my kids were younger and we were constantly running between sporting events, like you do. Fast food is just such a time saver. Unfortunately, most of it wasn't good food choices for us and the added expense didn't always compensate for the convenience.

  7. The savings are great but it's only money!
    I believe that you have to spend a little on yourself or share with your loved ones. That's why we work and a small reward for a job well done. I'm not saying that you go throwing it all over the place but a little fun money fund is part of our budget too.
    We all deserve a little something, enjoy life and live it up!
    I tell my kid, "I'm not leaving you anything so work hard and succeed". And, I'm not kidding, lol!

  8. Good job on the "no spend" February! You did much better than I would!

  9. Such a good idea! I have to do much the same thing - think twice and three times before I buy something. And nine times out of ten, I find I didn't need it.



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