Wednesday, March 14, 2012

79 degrees in March!

OMG - It's only March 14th and it's 79 degrees here today.  Considering we usually have snow cover and our lakes are still frozen this time of year, this is pretty amazing!  I just realized that I never, not once, took my snow suit out this winter.  I also never wore my snow hat, my scarf or my snow boots.  Not my actual "get out and shovel the snow" boots anyway.   That's never happened before.   What the heck happened to winter??

I knew it was supposed to be nice today, so I had decided that today was going to be window washing day.  I like to wash my windows every spring and fall.  Washing windows is one of those jobs that I really don't like to do, but once it's done, I'm thrilled I did it.  Know what I mean?  It took me just over 2 hours, but every window in the house is sparkling clean and I can actually see outside.  All the windows are wide open and a beautiful breeze is blowing through the house.  Did I mention that it's 79 degrees?  In Chicago!  In March!

Chablis got home from work at 1:00, eyed at her watch, looked at me, and said, "We could put our bathing suits on and sit outside for 2 hours until I have to leave for school."  We are 2 peas-in-the-pod-beach-babies!  Quicker than you could say "Beach Blanket Bingo" we were in our bathing suits and slapping on the sun tan lotion.  In March!!

While we were outside I decided to clean up the yard.  Our 2 dogs can drop a lot of "doggie bombs" in a week, so I scooped poop and then dragged out the hose and washed down the whole yard.  All around the perimeter of the yard I can see plants already emerging from the soil.  All my irises and hostas are coming up.  Then I coaxed the dogs over by the hose and gave them each a much needed bath, clipped their nails and brushed their teeth.  That's another job I hate to do but I'm always glad when it's done!

At any rate, I feel like I really accomplished a lot today already.  I'm heading back to my office now to file some paperwork, but I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Plus, I have a little bit of a tan.  In March!  I still can't believe it's 79 degrees out.


  1. It looks like it will be an early Spring everywhere this year! It's WARM here in FL! I haven't forgotten about doing an interview! I'm making bunnies now just as fast as I can! I know I'll slow down soon! heehee! ♥

  2. Wow you did get a lot done. Good for you. You were warmer than us by a few degrees today.

  3. WOW! Is that a record? It's just incredible the fluctuations in temps this year. It was a really nice day here too!

  4. That sounds really nice. It's been cold, gray and rainy here in Portland all week. The bright spot is the mountains are getting more snow!

  5. I'm starting to get tan lines from my hiking t-shirt... and my face is a lot less pale than it would usually be at the end of winter! It has been a very ODD winter here too! And sadly for our environment a very DRY one. :s This is already a region suffering from not enough rain on a regular basis, but this winter has apparently been the driest in decades! I forsee water problems this summer...

    Can't believe you guys had barely any snow in Chicago! That's the kind of place I see as you being knee-deep in snow for months!

  6. I thought about doing the windows but I cleaned up the deck instead and I think I will head out to rake today! I am loving this weather so much! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!

  7. This weather is just crazy. I haven't worn a heavy coat but once this year.

  8. It really is beginning to green up out there - and not the St. Patrick's celebration kind! Think I will skip my windows (ugh) but hose down the hound.
    xo Cathy

  9. OMG I am wanting to be there. We had winter, lots of it and it's still going on. Those temps are incredible. I'd be gardening like crazy. So much for laying around tanning... LOL ... you really worked your butt off! Glad it was a good day. (More photos please.....)


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